5 Celebrities Caught Looking Their Worst Ever!

Down and out, washed up or just having a bad hair day: here is a look at 5 celebrities looking the worst they’ve ever looked. Some used to be known for their cute child star image or bombshell sexy looks, but it seems that appearances can fade or be deceiving. Well, we can’t all be perfect all of the time, or styled magnificently each time we step out of the door, sadly for these celebrities their low point was caught on camera. Some look barely anything like their former self, while others were yet to clean their act up when their photo was taken.  Perhaps in need of help, a good bath or rehab, these stars just don’t look quite right for one reason or another.


Brigitte Nielsen

Semi-Exclusive... Brigitte Nielsen Getting Drunk In A Park

Britney Spears

Kelly Osbourne
kelly osbourne

Macauley Culkin
macauley culkin

Sinead O’Connor
sinead o connor