5 Actors Who’ve Been Embarrassed by Nude Scenes

You might think that it’s just actresses who get cold feet when it comes to performing nude scenes but it turns out that there are also plenty of male actors who are equally as embarrassed when it comes to stripping off on camera for the world to see! Some were just embarrassed by the situation they were put in, some had to do it with many eyes watching and others had an exposing accident while working on their nude scene which left nothing to the imagination! It may be part of their job for the part they’re working on, but it seems that these 5 actors would gladly skip over the difficult/embarrassing naked scenes if they could – although it was worth it for the final results in the end!


Blair Underwood


Filming with Heather Locklear, Blair was embarrassed when his sock fell off: “We had a scene where the plane was quarantined… and we’re in this big decontamination unit… I was naked in the shot… The shot is from behind and Heather’s kind of on the other side, (showing her) silhouette. I’m dry. I’m naked (and I’ve) got a sock (over my penis) with double-stick tape. Everything’s fine when you’re dry. What happens often on a show is the director will change the shot and he says, ‘Now I want you to go into the shower and walk back and forth.’ So I’m thinking,’ Fine, I got a false sense of security, I got my rather large sock on!’ I go in the shower, coming back and forth, back and forth, minding my own business, not realising that the sock had slipped off I’m just bouncing…! One of life’s most embarrassing moments.”

Channing Tatum

Channing played a stripper in ‘Magic Mike’ and says it can be embarrassing to strip off in front of an audience: ”Stripping is like with a wink and a laugh at the audience, but with nude scenes you’re probably taking it a little serious, so I’d much rather be naked but it be funny then do it unintentionally. Anytime you’ve got to walk out on stage in a thong, it’s pretty damn embarrassing! It doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold in the room or not, you’re still exposed for the masses!”

Eric Bana

Eric was nervous about going totally nude but had someone waiting nearby with his clothes: “I made sure I didn’t turn around so the camera got everything and I also made sure someone had my clothing very close by at all times. I never thought I would have to drop my drawers but I did. I just tried to do exactly what I was told. I just tried to get them done as quickly as possible and get on with the rest of the day.”

Hugh Laurie

Hugh had to film a very public nude scene: “I had to be outside in a London street and we cleverly scheduled the scene at six o’clock in the morning (when there was) nobody about. Filming is filming and of course it was 8.45 when we finally came to shoot it. The local paparazzi had had a nice leisurely breakfast… and also there was a nearby girls school. I was wearing my cupped hands and I had a towel but in the scene a dog is supposed to snatch the towel in a comical fashion.”

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan had his doubts that a nude scene for The Proposal would actually happen, only to find his co-star Sandra Bullock was totally up for it: “I didn’t think we’d shoot it to be honest, because she’s never done a head-to-toe nude scene before. I just thought, ‘Oh, she’s just going along with it and once we actually get closer to it, she’ll say we need to rewrite this.’ No way. She was 100 per cent in and game, and it was about two weeks before and we were having dinner one night after work and I said, ‘Seriously, are we doing the nude scene or what, are you really going to do this?’ And she said, ‘Absolutely!'”