20 of the most awesome senior yearbook quotes ever

Let’s be honest, deciding what to write in your high school yearbook is a pretty big deal. Days, weeks, even months, can be spent trying to decide what quote you’ll use to secure your legacy and remind the world that you were, and forever will be, a living legend.

And while some might chose to reiterate their favourite song lyric, or movie quote, there are those who like to break the mould and quote the real greats, themselves.

1. Who needs to quote Gandhi or MLK, when there’s Hannah Montana?

2. We can’t quite tell if she’s happy or sad about nobody noticing her haircut? Mysterious, we like it.

3. Never a truer word spoken…

4. 5 years later Aaron was sectioned under the mental health act…

5. Fries before guys all day errry’day.

6. Safe to say Sean isn’t, and never will be, a Sex and the City fan.

7. Meet Keegan a.k.a the future Hugh Hefner.

8. We abs… olutely agree.

9. Yeah, we’re still blaming High School Musical for our unrealistic senior expectations too.

10. Is it wrong to feel the same?

11. We can’t decide if the Taco Bell quote, or the less focal “limited edition” one is our fav…

12. If there’s anything we love more than a yearbook quote, it’s a rude yearbook quote.

13. When all else fails, quote Dobby from Harry Potter.

14. Something tells us Matthew will always be the more successful of the O’Keefe twins

15. Daniel before he went on to art school…

16. Good for you Johnathon the Zombie Kid. Who is a senior.

17. Paige the visionary

funny high school yearbook quotes

18. Sean makes a valid point…

19. Madi likes to take the pizza out of herself

20. Kevin Chan is probably going to become a Bond villain…