10 Incredible Facts about Noel Edmonds

  • Noel wasn’t always on television, he started his career in radio all the way back in 1968.


  • He turned down a place at the University of Surrey studying Psychology to take on a job as a Newsreader at Radio Luxembourg.


  • Noel has been married three times, and has four daughters, Lorna, Alice, Olivia and Charlotte.


  • One of Noel’s most popular shows, and certainly the one that started his second wave of popularity, Deal or No Deal ran for an incredible 11 years, and had over 3,000 episodes with a combined prize total of £37 million!


  • Back in 1981, Noel formed a pop group alongside Keith Chegwin entitled “Brown Sauce” to release a one off single called “I Wanna Be a Winner”. The song was a surprise hit, landing at number 15 in the charts and staying there for a surprising 12 weeks!


  • Never one to stick to social norms, Noel started a service in 2016 entitled “Phone a Pet Service” in which pets can receive a positive message from Noel to help stressed out animals. Initially considered a prank, the service was a hit, getting an incredible 2,000 requests in less than four hours!


  • Noel was a President of the British Horse Society between 2004 & 2007.


  • Previously a licensed pilot and a big helicopter fan, Noel gave up flying in 2001 after apparently suffering a near-death experience!


  • In 2015, Noel put his incredible Grade-II listed home on the market for a whopping £3,000,000! It’s situated on 15 acres of land, and consists of six bathrooms, seven bedrooms and its own private lake!