By Adam Miller On July 16, 2013

LIVE REVIEW: Ke$ha Proves She Is Still The Craziest Pop Star On The Planet At Brixton Academy

The pee-drinker pulled out all the stops in Brixton!

When you get the chance to go and see self-proclaimed pee-drinker Ke$ha live in concert you can be pretty certain the 'Take It Off' singer is guaranteed to pull out some of weirdest stints to ever be seen on stage and thankfully last night the wild rapping party animal didn't fail to disappoint.

Fresh from her jaw dropping sets at this weekend's Wireless and T in the Park festivals the outrageous star gathered her drag queen stripper BFFs for an intimate energy packed set in Brixton to entertain her most devoted 'Animals' to all of her biggest hits including 'Who We R', 'Blah Blah Blah' and of course her monster smash 'Tik Tok'.


Ke$ha proved to be the strangest pop star on the planet during headling show at Brixton Academy last night (WENN)

But was Ke$ha's “crazy” stage antics moments of brilliant madness or just a desperate attempt to convince the world she's world's wildest rock star? 


The iconic Brixton Academy packed with boozed up teenagers and outrageous drag queens!


The crowd were more than sufficiently pumped to see their idol following an energetic set from the singer's DJ who treated fans to hits from Rihanna and Icona Pop possibly even getting a greater response than Ke$ha herself!

As the lights dimmed, out came four psychadelic samurai's from behind the curtains before the rapper instantly commanded the auditorium kicking off the night's proceedings with fan favourite 'Warrior' followed by current single 'Crazy Kids' and her number one smash 'Who We R'.

In between some nippy outfit changes came some majorly cringe-worthy choreographed heavy metal inspired musical interludes from the singer's backing band before the glitter-princess re-emerged rocking diamond encrusted hot pants, bandanna and a chain saw (yes a chain saw!) before coming out to brag about her wild bedroom antics to a room full of under age teenagers.

Possibly the most uncomfortable moment came when her backing singers transformed into pole dancing drag queens pretending (badly) to be intoxicated for a rendition of stripper inspired single 'Take It Off' where the sexpert then professed her love of balls “all kind of balls” even the "saggy" ones in fact to her teeny bopper crowd.

And the night was full of disturbing words of wisdom from the 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' star including moaning about guys who want to talk instead of “bone”, bragging about her amazing genitalia and bringing out her 'Gaymobile', a symbol of free love and drugs, which we're sure the gay community will be chuffed to have become synonymous with gay culture.

Our Verdict:

Ke$ha's one-off London show was more a night of bizarre costumes, insane profanities, inflatable hippos and men sporting eye balls as heads than any musical credibitly.

But if last night's performance was more of an attempt to shock rather than impress then all in all the 26-year-old sexpectacle was a massive success, however a little bit of too much desperation from the insanely overly auto-tuned rapper sadly just left us feeling cold.

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