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By Francesca Menato On December 17, 2012

It's Official Robert Pattinson Is 2012's Sexiest Man!

You voted, take a look to see if your favourite made it to the top 10...

Robert Pattinson: Taking to the silver screen as Vampire heartthrob Edward for the last time this year, has Kristen's wandering eye taken the shine off or just made you want to be his new Bella? (WENN)
Harry Styles: The floppy mopped star of the biggest boy band in the world has been linked to countless hot women, do you dream of being the one that tames him? (WENN)
Channing Tatum: When named People Magazine's Sexiest Man of 2012, telling the magazine "My first thought was, 'Y'all are messing with me.'" No Channing, they're not. Is he your pick? (WENN)
Justin Bieber: This Canadian pop sensation has been breaking hearts with his music for years. So who's ready to compete with a Disney princess, or maybe even a Victoria Secret model? Eek! (wenn)
Ryan Gosling: Somehow Ryan Gosling managed to make 'homicidal stunt driver wearing silk Chinese dragon bomber jacket' in Drive look very, very good. (WENN)
Tom Daley: After winning an individual bronze medal at this years Olympics Daley looked pretty happy, but not as happy as us when we heard about his new Celebrity diving show 'Splash!' (WENN)
Ryan Reynolds: The hunky funny man may have married Gossip Girl bombshell Blake Lively this year but that hasn't stopped us fantasising! (WENN)
Liam Hemsworth: The Hunger Games star has really come along since being a bit part in Neighbours, unfortunately we're pretty sure fiance Miley doesn't want to share. We wish she did, (WENN)
Taylor Lautner: 2012 is your last chance to be team Jacob with the release of the final chapter of The Twilight Saga. Don't worry though we're pretty sure at 20 years old and with abs like that he'll be back before you know it! (WENN)
Prince Harry: We all love a man in uniform and this bad boy prince has been topping the hot list for while now. Is he still your number one? (WENN)
Ashton Kutcher: Since splitting from Demi Moore and taking over as the star of US comedy 'Two and a Half Men' last year we've been reminded what we always loved about Ashton...Mila who? (WENN)
Bradley Cooper: Critics loved him in 'Silver Linings Playbook' alongside Jennifer Lawrence, we loved him, well just any time really. (WENN)
Louis Tomlinson: Another 1D hotty, the oldest member of the group and referred to in a Vogue interview as the granddad of the group. So fancying him is totally OK then? (WENN)
Henry Cavill: We've been missing seeing Henry Cavill's beautiful face on our screens in The Tudors, but just can't wait to see him staring as Clark Kent in upcoming Man of Steel. Is he your Superman? (WENN)
Michael Fassbender: We're still reeling from Fassbender's performance in Shame in 2011, that's enough to last a full year as far as we're concerned. (WENN)
Christian Bale: The final instalment of Christian Bale's Batman did not disappoint, some classic brooding moments and push up scenes. Fun for all the family. (WENN)
Zayn Malik: The final instalment of our One Direction picks. 'The Little Things' singer has had his share of female fans but seems to only have eyes for Little Mix star Perrie Edwards. Aww. (WENN)
Chris Hemsworth: Hunky action man Chris Hemsworth was just our kind of unwilling hero in Snow White and the Huntsman, and he looks so cute with his new baby daughter! (WENN)
Tom Hardy: As good as Tom's performance was in 'The Dark Knight Rises', we have to admit we would have preferred it if we could have actually seen his lovely face. (WENN)
Damien Lewis: With 'Homeland' back on our screens this British redhead is well and truly back on our radar. Even as a terrorist, we're OK with it. (WENN)
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