By Mark Worgan On December 3, 2012

Michael Caine Out To Boost 'The Dark Knight Rises' Oscar Chances By Voting For Himself

Star wants awards for Batman

'The Dark Knight Rises' star Michael Caine has admitted that he's out to boost the movie's Oscar chances as he doesn't think Christopher Nolan's Batman films get the recognition they deserve, although he might use underhand tactics to do so.

In an interview with The Huffington Post the actor said: "A lot of critics reviewed "The Dark Knight Rises" as a very good adventure film and completely ignored all the other stuff that's going on, which is an incredibly high standard. For starters, Batman has won an Oscar. And the butler's won two! [refering to Christian Bale's Best Supporting Actor win for 'The Fighter' and his own two victories in the same category for 'Hannah and Her Sisters' and 'The Cider House Rules'.]"

He continued: "Gary Oldman was nominated last year. Very often with these big blockbuster stunt films, they haven't got the money to employ really experienced actors. They just write cipher parts that anyone can play. Very unemotional. Especially my lot in the last one. Blimey. It's one of the most emotional parts I've ever played."

With all that emotion and complexity, you'd assume that Caine thinks he's in with a shout of an Oscar, but the star said he didn't really know, although he'd like to boost his own chances of gaining a third gong in what has become his favourite category.

The 'Alfie' star said: "You don't think about getting nominated. They either do it or you don't. There's nothing you could do. I'm looking for people I could pay off, but I can't find any. So you just wait. It's like I said with 'Hannah and Her Sisters' that's really out of the blue. At least people have seen 'The Dark Knight Rises.' So it would be there with a chance, but there's nothing you can do about it. You just leave it in the lap of the [Academy] members. I'm one of the members, so I'm voting for me. I'll tell you that."

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