By Kayleigh Dray On November 5, 2012

Top 20 Sexiest Girlfriends Of Leonardo DiCaprio

As Leo waves goodbye to Erin Heatherton, we take a look back over his impressive dating history...

Leonardo Di Caprio has reportedly ended things with his supermodel girlfriend Erin Heatherstone, which means that gorgeous women all over the world are preening hopefully for a chance at dating the 'Titanic' Hollywood actor.

Sources have come forward to the New York Post explaining that Leo broke things off with the Victoria's Secret model last weekend, due to the fact he wasn't ready to settle down - and she wanted to make things more serious:

“Erin wanted things to get more serious between them, but Leo is not ready to settle down."

“While it would seem amazing that he wouldn’t want to settle down with one of the world’s most beautiful women, Leo leads a charmed life.”

No kidding. Check out the top 20 sexiest women ever to be romantically  linked to Leonardo Di Caprio - and please bear in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg!



Leonardo Di Caprio, henceforth to be know as the real-life James Bond, bagged a series of dates with Romanian-born Italian model Madalina Ghenea back in October 2011. We don't know how he pulled himself away from this gorgeous gal! November 5 2012 (WENN)

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