By Kayleigh Dray On September 25, 2012

PHOTOS: Snooki Cuddles Up To Baby Lorenzo

The 'Jersey Shore' star is besotted with her beautiful baby son...

Reality star Snooki is absolutely head-over-heels in love with baby son Lorenzo - so much so that she just can't stop herself from posting adorable photos of the little man to her Instagram account...

Jersey Shore's Snooki has pinged back into shape after giving birth to her first child, Lorenzo.

But - rather than showing off her new svelte figure (that came later!) - the reality star opted to share photos of herself and baby Lorenzo with her fans and followers on Instagram.

The adorable new pictures of herself and son Lorenzo appeared on Twitter earlier today and, looking at them, it's clear to see that motherhood definitely suits the former party girl.

In one photo, she tenderly cradles Lorenzo and plants a kiss on his forehead:

"Goodnight my beautiful boy!"

And, in the second, Snooki posed alongside her baby and his teddy bear - they make a pretty cute trio, don't they?


Snooki is besotted with her little "meatball" Lorenzo! September 25 2012 (Instagram / Splash News)

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