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Mariah Carey on American Idol Feud with Nicki Minaj: It's Too Soon

What did Nicki Minaj say?

Save the drama for your momma, because it’s a little too early for that if you ask Mimi.

On Sunday, Fox confirmed Keith Urban, 44, and Nicki Minaj, 29, were the last two judges to have signed on for the upcoming season 12 of American Idol, but it only took about 24 hours for the Internet to be full of rumors swirling around an on-set feud between Carey and Minaj.

"How can we feud in two days?” Carey, 49, posed the question to reporters at a press conference on Monday. “I think a feud takes a little longer.”

The new judges of American Idol season 12 with host Ryan Seacrest (Fox)

The Starships singer expressed to the press, she was just content to be a part of the musical competition saying, "It's wonderful, darling," when asked how she liked being on American Idol so far.

"We're having fun, dude,” Jackson, 56, added to shoot down the rumors between the two female judges. “We've been having a good time. There has been a lot of laughs."

"It's music," Carey said. "It's singing. It's laughter."

The longtime Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, 38, panel of judges jokingly suggested the tension could be lying between him and one of the judges. 

"Randy will not share his mirror, and I've never seen that side of him before," Seacrest joked, when asked who takes the longest to get ready. "It's causing friction between you and I."

Nicki Minaj arrives to Lincoln Centre for American Idol Season 12 auditions in New York City. (WENN)

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