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By Kayleigh Dray On August 29, 2012

FIRST PEEK: The One Direction Boys Get Immortalised As Comic Book Characters

One Direction? More like Two Dimension...

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They've definitely got Harry Styles' number; here he is summoning ladies with his almighty charm and fine head of hair, two dimensional style! August 29 2012 (Splash News) 
Zayn Malik's drawing is actually pretty good. Perrie Edwards might wanna bag a copy for her bedroom wall... August 29 2012 (Splash News)  
Niall Horan's power seems to be a ravenous appetite - look out girls, this One Direction boy will EAT YOU UP! August 29 2012 (Splash News)
Poor Louis Tomlinson. He doesn't really get much of an introduction, does he? August 29 2012 (Splash News)  
Liam Payne, how's about pointing that 2D finger the other way? It's unnerving us... August 29 2012 (Splash News)  
This is a pretty awesome shot of the One Direction boys in peril, isn't it? August 29 2012 (Splash News)  
Simon Cowell? That looks a LOT more like Charlie Sheen to us - we're also loving the casual Pepsi advertising right there on the X Factor table. Sly! August 29 2012 (Splash News)  
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