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By Claire Rutter On May 9, 2012

One Direction Star Liam Payne Made To Wear Heels!

By his sisters...

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One Direction Star Liam Payne Made To Wear Heels!
Photo: Wenn

Sometimes we wonder if the One Direction lads open their mouths before they speak, especially when Liam Payne admits to wearing high heels as a kid.

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' hitmaker has confessed that he used to be the one his three older sisters would torment by dressing him up in their clothes when he was a child.

According to Liam, they would then try to "influence" what he would wear as a boy and he admits that this involved some eels.

Talking to The Sun, the 18-year-old said: "My sisters used to dress me... They used to try to influence my fashion a bit. Which you know... may have involved a heel or two."

Another child anecdote from Liam, is that he had limited taste when it came to snacks as a kid. "They used to call me 'Cheesy Head' because I ate cheesy crisps all day," he joked.

One Direction are set to hit the road in the US in summer 2013.

1D stars hit the stage... minus the heels...

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