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By Alex Winehouse On November 16, 2011

Top 15 Twilight Movie Mistakes You Never Knew About

They were sloppy, that's for sure...

In 'Twilight', Bella has a flashback of Edward's eyes being black. Even though the snippet is only short, the rim of Robert Pattinson's contact lenses are clearly visible.
In 'Twilight', when Bella and Edward arrive at school, the sun shines of Edward's left cheek. However, Edward fails to sparkle.
Finally from 'Twilight', in the biology lesson after Edward comes back, the extra sitting behind Bella wears different clothing than when they are in the hallway after the lesson.
In the scene in 'New Moon' where Bella walks towards the strangers on motorbikes, her microphone wire is visible through her jeans.
'New Moon' sees Bella's bite mark scar not in the position it should be, compared to where James actually bit her in Twilight.
A kinky one from 'New Moon' - When Edward takes his shirt of on the steps in Voltaire, his nipples are different colours and sizes.
Sparkle fail: In the last scene in 'Eclipse', where Edward and Bella are sitting in the sunny field, Edward is not sparkling.
As with 'New Moon', Bella's scar from James continues to be on her wrong arm.
In the scene at the mountain campsite, the camera pans out and shows that Bella is wearing brown cargo pants. However, when zoomed in again, she is wearing dark blue skinny jeans.
When Jacob kisses Bella forcefully and Bella punches him, the sound of the punch comes before she actually has made contact with his jaw.
Okay, let's get some bonus ones in. More clothing errors, this time in Twilight. In the scene Edward comes into Bella's room and kisses her, Bella is at first wearing sweatpants. Then she is wearing shorts instead when they kiss.
Many times in the forest scene in Twilight, we can see Edward's 'breath' - even though, as a vampire, he should be cold blooded and incapable of having his breath condensed in such conditions.
In the last scene in New Moon, various members of the crew reflected in the tail lights of Edward's car.
When Jacob shows off his new tattoo in New Moon, it is positioned at the top of his arm. Later, in the forest, the same tatt is further down the arm.
And back to Twilight for this one: When Edward stops the truck from crushing Bella, it is clear that the side of the truck is crushed before it actually reaches them.
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