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By Entertainmentwise On February 4, 2009

From Demi To Jennifer: 20 Years Of Nude Magazine Covers

Stars take their naked ambition to the newsstands...

Demi Moore in Vanity Fair (August 1991)
Demi Moore in Vanity Fair (August 1992)
Jennifer Aniston in Rolling Stone (March 1996)
Brook Shields in Rolling Stone (October 1996)
Drew Barrymore in Spy (April 1997)
Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman in Time (June 1999)
Jessica Biel in Gear (2000)
Kate Hudson in In Style (September 2001)
Tara Reid in Maxim (March 2002)
Jennifer Lopez in GQ (December 2002)
Christina Aguilera in Maxim (January 2003)
Christina Aguilera in Rolling Stone (November 2003)
Rachel Weisz in Esquire (April 2004)
Monica Bellucci in Italian Vanity Fair (July 2004)
Jessica Alba in GQ (March 2005)
Jennifer Aniston in GQ (December 2005)
Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley in Vanity Fair (February 2006)
Britney Spears in Harper's Bazaar (August 2006)
Eva Mendes in Maxim (February 2007)
Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan in Rolling Stone (April 2007)
Angelina Jolie in Esquire (June 2007)
Avril Lavigne in Blender (June 2007)
Mariah Carey in Interview (September 2007)
Paris Hilton in GQ Germany (September 2007)
Nicole Scherzinger in Blender (November 2007)
Nicole Scherzinger in Maxim (December 2007)
Christina Aguilera in Marie Claire (January 2008)
Keira Knightley in Interview (January 2008)
Heidi Montag in Maxim (February 2008)
Lindsay Lohan in New York (February 2008)
Eva Mendes in Maxim (March 2008)
Jessica Simpson in Esquire (May 2008)
Gwyneth Paltrow in GQ (June 2008)
Megan Fox in Maxim (October 2008)
Monica Bellucci in GQ (Novermber 2008)
Kate Winslet in Vanity Fair (December 2008)
Jennifer Aniston in GQ (January 2009)
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Tags : Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears

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