By Deepika Rajani On January 8, 2014

PHOTOS: The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Pulls Funny Faces And Still Manages To Look Sexy

The star who is looking for love made an appearance on Extra TV

Juan Pablo Galvais made his debut as the new Bachelor on the premiere of the new season this week, so it comes to no surprise that he's in demand by the US media.

And it appears the currently single hottie was in a good mood as she prepared to appear on Extra TV with X Factor USA host Mario Lopez.

At least Juan knows how to pout (Splash News)

Dressed casually in a pair of green trousers and a blue shirt, it appears Juan couldn't help but pull a few funny faces as he waited to film his interview. In one shot, Juan could be seen pouting and doing a peace sign.

In another picture of the star who is following in the footsteps of Sean Lowe in the hope of finding happiness with his Mrs Right, Juan could be seen raising his eyebrows and pointing at the cameras.

What was Juan pointing at? (Splash News)

Speaking about his quest for love as the new season of The Bachelor kicked off earlier this week, Juan who is a single dad, said:

"It's very important for me to find true love. It's what I'm missing right now. I'm the first 'el Bachelor Latino.' I speak the language of love."

Meanwhile, having found love on The Bachelor when Sean picked her, Catherine Giudici took to Twitter to show her support as he embarked on his journey to find love in the hit ABC show.

She wrote: "Good luck to @JuanPaGalavis during this aventura and to the ladies tonight! #TheBachelor."

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