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By Rebecca Merriman On March 18, 2013

'Too Busy Partying' To Get Lindsay To Court: Father Michael Lohan Slams Ex-Wife Dina Over Missed Flights

Actress is meant to be appearing in Los Angeles court today

'Too Busy Partying' To Get Lindsay To Court: Father Michael Lohan Slams Ex-Wife Dina Over Missed Flights
Photo: WENN

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has hit out her mother Dina, blaming her for the troubled star missing two flights to Los Angeles where she is meant to be appearing in court.

The actress is supposed to be facing charges of lying to police following a car accident last June, but according to TMZ has missed two flights over the weekend. She faces 240 days in jail of convicted. Taking to Twitter estranged father Michael claimed his ex-wife was too busy “partying,” to make sure their daughter made it to her court appearance.

He also laid into her lawyer Mark Heller, who has previously been slammed by the judge in the case as unfit to practise Californian law.

“Are you kidding me? Lindsay's own mother @dinalohan and her iincompetent attorney @mikehellertr father couldn't get Lindsay on a plane. ?? (sic),” he wrote.

Michael Lohan: Concerned about his daughter (WENN)

Going on he said: “@dinalohan Is a despicable parent to busy partying on St Patty's than to make sure Lindsay got on her plane for court.#sad #sick,”

“You @dinalohan and you alki friends ... are never to busy to get to Lindsay's events.But not court.”

Finally Michael, who hasn't had the easiest relationship with his tearaway daughter, added: “I am so fed up.!! Doesn't anyone really care about HER... ??”

According to TMZ, the 'Mean Girls' star is currently trying to charter a private plane from New York, after getting off a domestic flight and returning to the departure lounge.

She is required to appear in court, or judges will issue a bench warrant. Yesterday Dina tweeted: “Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all !!”

Lindsay Lohan: It's not her first time in court

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