By Claire Rutter On January 10, 2013

Sandra Bullock Jokes About F-Bomb At People’s Choice As She Collects Humantarian Award

Star drops Regina King in it

Luckily these two actresses are good friends, but last night when collecting the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Humanitarian award, Sandra Bullock joked about Regina King dropping the F-bomb live on stage.

On Wednesday night, Sandra headed to the Nokia Theatre in LA, where ‘The Hunger Games’ dominated the event with its six awards, but they took time to recognise Sandra’s charitable efforts after having adopted a New Orleans’ school – Warren Easton Charter High School, that sustained $4 million worth of damage when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Sandra Bullock at the People's Choice Award (Wenn)

In a classy, Vera Wang dress, the 48-year-old quipped: "Two things: Regina, could you be in better shape? It's just all kinds of wrong. And she just dropped the F-bomb, by the way. I don't know if you heard it, but I did."

Bullock, who adopted her adorable little boy Louis from New Orleans in 2010 also has a home there, and she paid tribute to the volunteers who have helped the rebuilding process for the school.

‘The Blind Side’ star said: "That little clip that you saw does not even begin to scrape the surface of the amazing volunteers and humanitarians that I've come to love in New Orleans.

“And I'm not at all being modest when I say I don't do anything compared to what they do on a daily basis. I am simply blessed to be able to do what I do because of what you allow me to do, and that is write a cheque and be a really good cheerleader and that's it."

She continued:"You will not find a student there that doesn't know that they are loved and cared for under that roof. Half the senior class is attending college classes in their free-time. We have 100 perfect graduation rate. The students and faculty go to school on Saturdays to either study or to help others. I would so never make it in that school!"

"They compete, but they never cut each other down. And all that happens not because it's easy, but because they do not allow themselves any other option than to succeed, even when life outside of those walls gives them no indication of support and hope,” she also added.

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