The live online casino experience

Ever since online gaming started to become the phenomenon it is today it’s been bad news for land-based casinos. Even in the world’s capital of gaming like Las Vegas and Macau revenues have been falling as their online counterparts have been booming.

The appeal of the online casino experience is easy to see. You can play all the games that a land casino offers, win as much money as you can in the real world and, best of all, do this from the comfort of your own home, on a train or even in your lunch hour.

But while this may be all true, what you do miss out on is the experience of going to a casino with its glamour, excitement and air of sophistication – there are some very good reasons why  casinos often chosen as key locations in so many Bond films.

In relatively recent times leading online casinos such as 888casino have been offering the live casino experience after coming to the realisation that there may be something lacking in the standard experience and have introduced the concept of “live” games. In these you take part in real games with actual dealers or croupiers dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel that you play.

This adds up to an experience that not only offers you a taste of the land casino experience but also offers a number of distinct benefits all of its own.

The first, and most obvious, is that you’ll be surrounded by the glamorous casino staff and you’ll even be able to chat with them online – although, depending on the name you choose to play under, this can have some unfortunate consequences as this short video will show you.

Another advantage is that as the action is real and happening in actual time it’s like playing in a physical casino as opposed to playing a part in a computer-generated game and that’s got to make winning at least a little bit more exciting as well as making it absolutely clear that a real person is running the game.

The third, and by no means negligible, benefit is that all online casinos like to give their players special deposit bonuses from time to time partly to their loyalty and to keep them playing on that particular casino – not something that you’re likely to experience at a land-based casino.

However there are a couple of other things that it’s worth knowing about before you try your hand in a live online casino. For example, the pace of play may not be quite as fast as you’re used to, maybe because the other players aren’t giving it their full attention. The other consideration is that at busy times of day it can involve a short wait till you get on the card table of your choice – but with roulette this is never an issue as the number of players per table is unlimited.

As to the future, the sudden explosion of Virtual Reality is sure to be something that live online casino operators must be looking at very closely indeed. So, before long, your online casino experience could be even more realistic than ever before.

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