Slots Million Launches the First Online VR Casino

When the world first heard about VR headsets, we all looked forward to watching rollercoaster videos on YouTube and playing first person shooters on our consoles. However, what we didn’t really expect is that we’ll get to use VR technology to play slot games. But as they say, the future comes whether you like it or not.

This unpredicted change was brought to us by a Maltese-based company called Alea Gaming, who launched the first VR online casino – Slots Million. This casino is a home to only slot games that you can enjoy by either putting on your VR goggles or playing in regular 3D on your computer.

If you want to find out more about the gaming experience at this interesting venue, keep reading our story. On the other hand, if you want to dig through all of its specs – this is a fine reviewof it.

VR Casino

An Interesting Experience

Regardless if you’re a fan of casino games or not, Slots Million is something you can’t really help but enjoy. As soon as you put your goggles on, you are transported to a dark hallway that leads to a door saying “Slots- Million”.

Once it slides open, you are taken to a sleek slot room with a bar and a view of nearby skyscrapers lurking behind the slots. At first, it feels a bit unusual. But once you see other players around you, you easily catch the drift and succumb to the illusion.

If you’ve ever played a modern slot game, you know that you can expect a rectangular HD view of the reels with high quality audio and animations to complement it. However, playing slots at Slots Million becomes a whole new thing.

At this casino, you experience the games in their full glory, with every inch of your view being covered by the slot reels and your ears full of the jangling sound of coins. This fully immersive gaming experience is the best part of the real-life simulation that Slots Million creates, but it is also only one of the several interesting things about this casino.

VR Casino - Slot Games

A Huge Selection of Slot Games

Slot fans know that most casinos provide a lot of slot games to keep things diverse and interesting. Now, some of the best casinos will offer anywhere from 300-500 slots, which is frankly enough to keep you going for ages. Yet this number is not near enough for Slots Million, as here you’ll find over 1200 slots.

The impressive slot collection of this casino covers almost every popular type of slot game that you can think of. In short, it is a great place if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Classic 3-reel slot games;
  • Modern licensed games like Jurassic Park or Game of Thrones;
  • Vegas-styled games;
  • 3D slots;
  • Record breaking slot games like Mega Moolah.

With so much to choose from, it’s going to be a bit hard to keep your hands away from the slot room.

Bonuses that Match the Real-Life Experience

What’s both unusual and interesting about this VR casino is that its effort to appear as real-life as possible doesn’t end with only the actual VR part of it. Just like what you can find at your traditional casinos, Slots Million tries to provide working adults with promotions that are aligned with their everyday lives.

One interesting example is the Slunchbreak promotion, which is aimed at those who want to use their lunch break for playing slots. Namely, this promotion awards free spins for anyone who makes a deposit during lunch hours (11AM – 1 PM) in every time zone, from Monday to Friday.

And if like that’s not enough, this VR casino supports those who can’t wait for Friday to come by offering the Happy Hour promotion at the end of each week. This promotion gives you a bonus of 50% of your deposit made between 7AM to 11AM every Friday. What a way to let go as early as Friday morning, right?

The Bottom Line

All in all, Slots Million makes for an interesting gaming experience, regardless if you’re a fan of casino games or not. And if you’re one of those people who shy away from gambling in public, this might be a great solution for you. Just try to keep in mind that it’s still a real-money casino whenever you put that headset on.

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