Casino Gaming: The most popular games

The evolution of the casino industry:

These are games of complete luck and prizes are determined by the casino itself, and not by the participating players. For every American state there is a different type of casino popular there. For example, tribal casinos are the native American and they can be found in Indian reservations. However, they are run by outside management company and not by the tribe in most cases.

The most popular casino games:

Nowadays, statistics show that the popularity of the casino is steadily growing and more people gamble frequently.

I. Slots

An individual must insert a certain amount of coins into the machine to play a variety of slot games. They must pull a handle or press a button to spin the wheel. Players get paid when it stops on a pattern of symbols

II. Blackjack

This is a card game played between the dealer and the player.The dealer reveals two cards to each player, keeps two, and flips only one with a face up. The idea is to reach as close to “21” as possible. By saying “hit”, the player receives a card and enters the turn. By saying “double”, their bet is increased twice.

III. Roulette

The player plays on a roulette, which has numbers from 0-36 and 00. It includes additional bets such as colors, low 17-high, first/second/third columns or low/middle/high 12. The individual bets money, the dealers spins the wheel clockwise and if the ball lands on a numbered slot, the player wins.

IV. Poker

Poker is the most famous card game in the world. There are many types of poker, but in the most common one, every player receives 5 cards. Each card is ranked from the lowest to the highest. The order starts from high card and goest trough pair, two pair, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. It’s a game of patience, bluffing and extreme professionalism.

The Casino Business Model

  1. How Does it Work?

Every casino should be built on an appropriate location, as it is one of the most important factors for its success. To start a casino, the businessman should obey to the laws of the country or state he’s living it. It must always be registered within the country. Furthermore, every business must go through complex licensing procedures to get all required documents.

Casinos can increase their capital easy and the money can be reinvested for expanding the gaming equipment by buying slot machines, roulettes, poker machines, tables, cards and more.

Advertisement is an important factor for the success of the casino. Thus, you must never forget to create a detailed marketing strategy.

  1. Licensing requirements
  • Operating License – This is a mandatory document to run a casino or any kind of a gambling website.
  • Personal License – There are two types of licenses: personal management & personal functional. The management license is used by individuals responsible for one area of the organization. If the employee is involved in gambling and handing the capital of the company, then he’s required to have a functional license
  • Premises License – This one can be received from a local licensing authority and it is mandatory for running a small or medium-sized gambling business

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