By Lucy Peden On January 2, 2013

Does Noel Gallagher Think God Is An Oasis Fan?

He reckons his music will get him into heaven

What do you need to do to get into Heaven? Be kind to animals? Be honest? According to Oasis member Noel Gallager, a clutch of good tunes will do the job.

He told The Sun that when he meets his maker, he plans to list Oasis' musical oeuvre, and he's confident that will do the job and get him through the gates.

He said "I'd say, 'you've heard "Don't Look Back In Anger,"' and they'd say 'of course. I'd say 'look, it's me, let us in. I can play you a tune.

"I robbed some stuff, I took a lot of drugs, but I'm all right."

Noel describes his partner Sara McDonald as a "real life angel", adding "she's not a heavenly body. I can touch her and I do regularly and it's great - for me, not for her."

Noel met Sara in an Ibiza nightclub in the year 2000 and married her 18 months ago at an exclusive hotel in Hampshire. Russell Brand was a guest, but Noel's brother Liam was absent.

He picked up NME's Godlike Genius award last year.

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