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Ke$ha: 'I Like Both Men And Women'

Singer attracted to both sexes...

Singer Ke$ha has admitted she is attracted to both men and women.

The pop star, 25, claims she is most drawn to the “spirit” of a person and it doesn't matter if they are a boy or a girl.

She told Seventeen: “I don't just love men. I love people. It's not about a gender. It's just about the spirit that exudes from that person you're with.”

And the 'Die Young' star says she is willing to take a stand against people who bully lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

She said: “I'm all about standing up to gay/lesbian/transgender bullying, but it's also about my little brother. He's 13 and he gets made fun of because he has a stutter. I just have zero tolerance for people making fun of others.”

Ke$ha added that she has also experienced bullying and that she dislikes people who judge others on how they look.

She said: “I remember every person who told me I couldn't do something or that I was ugly or too fat. I have a 's**t list' – people from my past who have been soulless and judgemental.

“Even after I got through my awkward phase, got my braces off, and figured out how to dress my body, people in the music business were like, 'You're never going to make it.'

“I see them now and I'm like, 'Ha!' That's one of the reasons I named my record Warrior. You can be a victim and let that eat your soul, or you can say, 'You're going on my list and I'm going to prove you wrong!'”

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