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Michael Douglas Supports Son As He Is Sentenced To A Further Four Years

The Wall Street actor attended an appeal hearing for his sons 'shockingly long' sentence

Michael Douglas has voiced his support for his son, after attending an appeal hearing for his  'shockingly long' jail time.

The 'Fatal Attraction' star’s son Cameron is currently serving a five year prison sentence for selling drugs over a three year period.

He has had his jail term extended for another four years after he was caught trying to sell drugs while in prison and is now keen to have this further sentencing trimmed.

Michael may be one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors, but his latest drama is a little close to home.

His son Cameron, 34, could be facing another four years in prison if he fails to convince judges his sentence is 'too harsh'.

The actor told the New York Daily News, “There’s not much to say – it’s on appeal”. Michael is said to be awaiting the ‘best outcome’.

Cameron’s lawyer said of the case: “I’m not suggesting that Cameron Douglas shouldn’t be punished for this, but his sentence is shockingly long and maybe the harshest sentence ever imposed on a federal prisoner for a drug possession offense.”

The judge who sentenced Cameron seems to have little sympathy for the actor’s son: “Cameron Douglas' conduct throughout the course of this case showed nothing but utter disrespect.”

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