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Grieving Family Refuse To Attend Second Inquest Into The Death Of Amy Winehouse

Dad Mitch blasts investigators for making 'a string of cock ups'

The grieving father of Amy Winehouse has refused to attend a second inquest into the singer's death after accusing officials of making a series of blunders during their initial investigation.

A coroner's inquest conducted in the weeks following Amy's death last July reached a verdict of misadventure after it was determined her blood alcohol content was more than five times the legal drink drive limit.

But despite the findings, the report was called into question when it emerged one of the officers leading the investigation – assistant deputy coroner Suzanne Greenaway – lacked the necessary qualifications for her role.

Greenaway has since resigned from her post along with husband, chief coroner Dr. Andrew Scott Reid – the man responsible for employing her.

A second inquest into Amy's death will now be held in January, but former cab driver Mitch Winehouse is adamant that the family will not be in attendance.

According to Mitch, Greenaway's employment was just one of a series of errors made during last year's investigation.

“There have been so many cock-ups,” he told reporters at a charity event in London. “Firstly the coroner's report was sent to the wrong house up the road from Janis (Winehouse, Amy's mother) – and the bloke who received it tried to sell it.

“Then this cock-up with the chief coroner putting his wife in charge, though she wasn't qualified...I'm not putting my family through it again. Right now I'd say I won't go (to the hearing). And the result will be just the same.”

A posthumous album of previously unreleased material by the singer, titled 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures,' was released last December, with proceeds going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation - a charity set up by Mitch to help young people in the throes of addiction.

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