By Shaun Kitchener On December 20, 2012

Hunger Games Bosses Swoop To Stop Alleged Mockingjay Counterfeiter

Lawsuit against an unauthorised Mockingjay Pin

Lionsgate Entertainment are reportedly suing an alleged 'Hunger Games' counterfeiter for selling an unauthorised 'Mockingjay Pin'.

The lawsuit, which has apparently been filed in California, takes aim at Yagoozon, who - according to The Hollywood Reporter - seem to do most of their selling on major online marketplace Amazon.

The Mockingjay Pin is a symbol used on the front cover of the 'Hunger Games' book and also features prominently on early marketing for second film adaptation 'Catching Fire'. Lionsgate have attempted to register the logo with the Trademark Office.

According to the papers - which are a hefty 160 pages in length - some third party companies are authorised to sell merchandise using official branding from the franchise, including the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) - which does itself sell replicas of the Mockingjay Pin.

Yagoozon attempted to purchase merchandise from NECA earlier this year, but were refused. CFO Benjamin Joseph then sent a threatening letter which said: "We feel it is flagrantly unlawful that almost every one of our competition is selling an item that we have to sign a disclaimer to not sell in the same venue."

Unable to stock the official merch, Yagoozon then allegedly began manufacturing conterfeit replicas of NECA's products, prompting action from Lionsgate.

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