By Kayleigh Dray On December 18, 2012

Justin Timberlake Tweets Intention To Get Drunk And Dress Up As Father Christmas?

Justin Timberlake was clearly taken with New York City's annual SantaCon...

Justin Timberlake is apparently gearing up to don that infamous red costume and down some festive booze this time next year after finding himself inspired by events at New York City's annual SantaCon.

For all those not in the know (a la Justin himself), SantaCon is an annual holiday which sees a mass gathering of people dressed as Father Christmas meeting up, getting pretty drunk and roaming the streets together.

No wonder Justin Timberlake was so excited when he took to his Twitter account to inform followers about the strange holiday tradition:

"No one told me it was National Santa Day! The pic is blurry because I ran into a restaurant and snuck this photo... Ha!"

"Seriously... The whole Lower East Side of NY looks like Invasion Of The Drunken Santas! I'm not missing out on this next year... "

One of Timberlake's fans, thankfully, filled him in on the deetz surrounding SantaCon and it seems as if the 'In Time' actor is gearing up to take part himself in December 2013:

"@TiffanieSBaine: @jtimberlake lol i believe the term you're looking for is santacon!" SantaCon?!?! Where have I been?! This is pure genius."

Now THAT'S something we'd love to see. Roll on Christmas 2013 and a sozzled Justin Timberlake in a Santa costume...

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