By Natalie Palmer On December 18, 2012

Alicia Keys Sued Over 'Girl On Fire' For Sampling 1962 Song 'Lonely Boy'

Song writer Earl Shuman is suing the star

Alicia Keys Sued Over 'Girl On Fire' For Sampling 1962 Song 'Lonely Boy'

Alicia Keys is being sued by songwriter Earl Shuman for allegedly using a portion of his 1962 song 'Lonely Boy.'

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Earl Shuman claims there is something very similar about 'Girl on Fire' and a track he wrote called 'Lonely Boy'

The song was recorded in 1970 by Eddie Holman under the new name 'Hey There Lonely Girl' and reached number two on the Billboard chart in the same year.

He was made aware of the supposed similarity by blogger Roger Friedman who said: "In the middle of the song, Alicia sings a couplet or so from Eddie Holman's 1970 classic 'Hey There Lonely Girl'

Earl has filed a complaint of copyright infringement but he has little further evidence to back up his claim, however if he wins the lawsuit Alicia could lose loyalties from the single 'Girl On Fire' and the album it was taken from.

Luckily she has already moved on from 'Girl On Fire' with a new video for 'Brand New Me' which you can watch below...

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