By Tobi Oredein On December 14, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Sued By Bounty Hunter Over Reality Show

The man claims his reputation was damaged by the show her company produces

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly being sued by a man from Louisiana who appeared in the singer's reality show Big, Easy, Justice.

The actress' production company Nuyorican Productions, created the show with Al Rocker Entertainment owned by the Today show Weatherman.

The show follows a bounty hunter named Tat-2 as he tracks down criminals in New Orleans.

According to online publication TMZ, Everette Draughan, the plaintiff, filed a suit in the state of Louisana against Jennifer and Al, claiming he was targeted in a “nationally-televised manhunt,” after he was branded a grand theft auto suspect and a fugitive.

Jennifer Lopez does not appear in the show, but Draughan believes the producers are responsible for the mix-up.

Jennifer Lopez on her Dance Again 2012 Tour (WENN)

Draughan has gone on to claim that the show has ruined his reputation.

The episode featuring Everette Draughan hits screens in April.

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