By Tobi Oredein On December 14, 2012

'I'll Take What I Can Get While I Can': James Arthur Talks Female Attention After X Factor Victory

The ladies just can't get enough of this year's X Factor winner...

There is no doubt that James Arthur was not only this year's X Factor winner, but also the show's sex symbol, often being spotted with pretty women on nights out in London and even trying to sneak them into his hotel.

With his baby blue eyes and rebellious attitude there was something about the 'Impossible' star that was extremely attractive.

Although the 24-year-old wouldn't agree!

He told The Sun: “I realise I’m not exactly Brad Pitt. I’m a bit of an ugly f****r so I’ll take what I can get while I can."

The 'Impossible' singer added: “Some of the girls I never had a hope of pulling are getting back in touch on Facebook now I’ve been on telly.”

Mr. Lover, Lover? (WENN)

It's not just the female attention that musician should be chuffed about; he's on course to reach the top spot this Sunday and has a host of established British artists lining up to work with him.

Rumoured collaborations for James' debut album include: Emeli Sande and Ed Sheeran.

Unlike most X Factor contestants the winner does not plan to wait an entire year to release original material.

He told the newspaper: “I’m ready to get an album out quickly. I don’t think I need a year away being trained or told how to perform. I’ve been doing pubs for years and have ten albums’ worth of material."

We definitely can't wait to hear what James has got up his musical sleeves!

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