By Mark Worgan On December 13, 2012

'Forget About It!': Bradley Cooper and Stars React To The Golden Globes

Stars react to the news of nominations

Los Angeles was a warm fug of satisfaction this morning as The Golden Globes nominations were announced, with various actors and directors thanking and praising emotionally like Kate Winslet in sight of an awards statue.

So let's see how the stars, reacted? Were there any rants or worries about those who were snubbed, or disappointed hissy fits? Of course not, this is Hollywood and Awards ceremonies, even ones that just nominate are all about everyone congratulating each other on another amazing year in the movie world.

Bradley Cooper, up for Best Actor, Musical or Comedy, told The Hollywood Reporter: “To see this film recognized by the HFPA is huge for us. And for me, personally, to be in a room with Bill Murray, Daniel Day-Lewis? Forget about it! We released the film in limited theaters, so it’s all been about word of mouth in a very positive way."

Ang Lee, who has got a Best Director nomination and his film 'Life of Pi' is up for Best Picture, Drama, said to Tinseltown's house magazine: "Two days ago, I know the Globes nominations are coming, so I try to avoid thinking about it, which I did successfully! I’m so very grateful for the help with this film, all the devotion of everyone who worked on it – three thousand of them— all the support. I think the appeal of this movie is that we talk about faith. And, when you see a trailer for a movie showing a boy, tiger on ocean, it’s pretty interesting! Today, I have a full day of a press in Mexico City, so that's how I'm celebrating."

So not even a word of dissent, surely Nicole Kidman a forthright Aussie, and her movie 'The Paperboy's' only nomination, would offer something other than universal love when she spoke to THR?

"As an actor you look for roles that are rich, complicated, and that stretch you and this year I was blessed to find two. To have the chance to play them was a gift in itself and to then be acknowledged this way is icing on the cake. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press!"

Nope it's official the Golden Globe nominations appear to be the garden of universal love.

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