By Mark Worgan On December 10, 2012

'An Unexpected Journey' Star Martin Freeman Glad To See The Back Of Hobbit Outfit

Freeman talks 'Hobbit' feet, and being Bilbo

Martin Freeman may have been Tolkien fans and Peter Jackson's choice to play Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', but the actor is glad to be rid of the clobber that came with the role.

In an interview with The Sun he was asked if he was missing his Hobbit gear, and he replied “No,” nor did he miss his Hobbit ears, adding:  “The ears? No. No, I’m happy without them.” nor even the feet he had to wear, saying: “No. When you’ve worn something for so long, you might think, ‘Yeah, that’s cool’. I don’t — yeah, they can keep them.” 

Apparently the only thing Martin had his eye on was something more comfortable in the shape of a dressing gown, adding: “No, I haven’t, actually. I’ve got my eye on a dressing gown that Bilbo wears. But no, not Sting.” 

Freeman went on to say about his casting in the movie, “I know that because he has said to me about other things he’s done where he has taken maybe too much notice of what was being said on the internet, and actually been given a bum steer.

“And I think he’s learned from that. We can all look on the internet and go, ‘He hates me. Oh, but she loves me. Oh, but he hates me’. And that way, madness lies."

The actor said he was happy about people wanting the role though, adding: “So I think, ‘Yeah, it’s very nice’ — it’s gratifying that people wanted me to be in it. But they didn’t get me the job.”

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Bilbo Baggins (Photo: Warner Bros)

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