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'Real Indiana Jones' Suing Lucasfilm Over 'Crystal Skull'

Lucasfilm faces legal action from archaeologist

It seems that a real-life counterpart of legendary film archaeologist Indiana Jones is suing the film's creators Lucasfilm over the use of a Crystal Skull in the movie.

The 2008 film featured the skull as the major artefact that Indy had to battle with Soviet scientists to gain control of.

Now according to The Hollywood Reporter, Dr Jamie Awe a director of the Institute of Archeology of Belize has started legal proceedings on behalf of Belize against George Lucas' film company, currently in the process of being purchased by Disney.

In the movie the Skull had seemingly magical powers, which led those who came into contact with it to an alien race from another dimension.

In real-life the skulls, of which there are four known in the world and are hardstone carvings of quartz, with three on display in museums and is alleged to be modelled on a skull which was alleged to have been taken from Belize by the adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges.

Awe's lawsuit claims that as the Skull from the movie was modelled on this specific skull, Belize has a right to the skull and its likeness, and that film makers have engaged in a "civil conspiracy" to rob Belize of its rights over the skull's use in the movie.

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