By Deepika Rajani On December 8, 2012

X Factor Final 2012: Nicole Scherzinger's Mic Fails During Performance With Jahmene Douglas

The pair had to share a mic during thie duet

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X Factor Final 2012: Nicole Scherzinger's Mic Fails During Performance With Jahmene Douglas
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Nicole Schezinger was forced to share a mic with her act Jahmene Douglas in tonight's X Factor final when her microphone failed when she took to the stage.

As Jahmene started off the performance singing Whitney Houston's 'Greatest Love Of All' and made his way onto the stage, he could then be seen handing his mic over to Nicole as she joined him singing the lyrics.

With one mic between them, they took turns in singing verses before performing together from one microphone.

As the pair finished their performance, X Factor host Dermot O'Leary came back on stage and joked about the technical fail. He said:

"This is the biggest show in the UK and we can't afford two working mics? That's what a live performance is all about!"

However, Nicole didn't appear to find it funny. Looking annoyed as she stood with Jahmene, the star who wore a silver floor length gown for the performance said:

"It sucks when your microphone is not on, but he's my little angel and to share the stage with him, that's the reason that I'm here."

Crediting their performance even with their technical issues, one fan tweeted: "Even with a broken mic @JahmeneDouglas and @NicoleScherzy were amazing !!", whilst another fan joked that someone would be getting in trouble posting on the social networking site:

"The sound guys must be panicking....someone will be getting sack if @NicoleScherzy mic stops working again. #xfactorfinal."

What did you think of Nicole and Jahmene's performance tonight?

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