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Frankie Muniz Recalls 'Mini Stroke' Horror: 'I Couldn't Say Words'

The actor was taken to hospital last week

Actor Frankie Muniz has recalled the moment he suffered a 'mini stroke' last week.

News of the Malcom In The Middle's illness broke on Tuesday when TMZ reported that the actor had been taken to hospital in Arizona when his friends realised he was "acting really weird."

Taking to Twitter yesterday (Dec 4), Frankie tweeted: "I was in the hospital last Friday. I suffered a "Mini Stroke", which was not fun at all. Have to start taking care of my body! Getting old!"

Good to hear Frankie is on the mend (WENN)

Recalling how he felt, Frankie, 27, told Good Morning America: "I couldn't say words. I thought I was saying them! My fiance, was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language."

The actor went on to reveal that he lost vision in one eye when he was riding his motorcycle last week.

Revealing that he is still trying to get his head around the fact that he suffered a mini stroke - which is rare in those under 45, Frankie said:

"I can't get a deep breath in. I'm still trying to make sense of it, but happy I'm alive."

Get well soon Frankie!

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