By Rebecca Merriman On December 5, 2012

Jessica Simpson's New Hell? 'Tina Simpson Hitting The Bottle Following Marriage Breakdown'

Sensational report from 'family sources' in the US

Jessica Simpson's New Hell? 'Tina Simpson Hitting The Bottle Following Marriage Breakdown'
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A shocking new report in the US has claimed Jessica Simpson's mother, Tina has turned to alcohol following her split from husband of 34 years, Joe Simpson and subsequent allegations about his personal life.

The couple confirmed their divorce in October and have since been subject to rumours of homosexual affairs on Joe's side. Now Star magazine, not the most trusted publication has come up with sensational claims about the mother of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

A source allegedly told them: “Tina is hitting the bottle to ease her sorrows over her marital problems, she's built up quite a tolerance and has switched from wine to stuff like scotch and vodka,"

"Jess is just a mess over this, she feels helpless and doesn't know what to do."

While we're sure a split, especially after such a long time together, is difficult but that doesn't mean Tina has “hit the bottle”.

Jessica with her mum Tina, (WENN)

Us Weekly has claimed Jess, 32, avoided a family party as she is not on speaking terms with father Joe following her parent's split.

“Jessica Simpson is definitely not a daddy’s girl,” a close friend claimed.

The mag claimed Jess is “appalled by her father’s rush back into the dating world.”

“She doesn’t want to be anywhere near her dad,” added another. But a source close to Jess completely re-buffed the claims, telling Gossip Cop she was on a pre-planned trip with her fiance.

They said: “She was in Boston with Eric’s family.”

We have reached out for a comment on this story.

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