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The Fuss, The Drama! Our Top X Factor 2012 Controversial Moments!

A lot has happened in this year's X Factor

This time next week, the X Factor would have ended and the winner would be basking in the X Factor winner's glory! So as we prepare for post X Factor, we've decided to take a look back at the controversial moments that have taken place on this year's show.

Whilst the auditions and bootcamp started off to a relatively easy and controversial free, all hell broke lose when it was time to announce which finalists would be the first to leave the competition. After being rejected by Louis Walsh on last year's show, Carolynne Poole was given the opportunity she was craving for when she made the live finals.

However, her dream of being on the live show was shortlived as she found herself in the bottom two with Rylan Clark. Having given a stronger performance than Rylan in the sing-off, it was thought that the finalist would make it through but alas she didn't as a result of Louis Walsh's decision to take the the vote-off to the public vote.

Carolynne's exit caused a lot of controversy (WENN)

As Carolynne learned of her fate, Gary Barlow didn't stick around and proceeded to storm off the stage. In the days that followed, various reports suggested that Gary was no longer talking to Louis.

Fortunately a week later and the pair shook hands and called a truce with each other.

Talented and funny singer Lucy Spraggan appeared to be a frontrunner when she took to the stage week after week to perform, but the singer's journey on the show was cut short when she made the decision to quit the show after missing one week due to falling ill with the flu.

MK1 didn't agree with Lucy Spraggan's free pass to continue in the show (WENN)

The decision to let Lucy stay in the competition despite not performing, didn't sit well with band MK1 who blasted the choice. Charlie Rundle told "I think in terms of away from Lucy Spraggan, away from it being Lucy, I don’t think it’s right for someone to not perform and not to be in the elimination process.

“I think if you’re not going to perform your fans will still vote for you anyway. I just feel it’s a bit… I don’t know what the word is. But it’s a bit 'not right' to bypass the elimination section. I think if you’re not going to perform you should still be up for elimination and hopefully your fans will still vote for you."

Who can forget the furor that ensued when it was revealed that One Direction's performance on the show wasn't exactly, well, live. The boyband who have the X Factor to thank for their fame, were spotted across the pond when they were meant to be on stage singing...

Fans soon showed their outrage and upset with some slamming the show and calling it a fix.

Following Gary and Louis' fall out at the beginning of the live finals, we didn't think the judges would fall out again, but they did when Gary made the comment that Tulisa had "fag ash breath" on live TV. Not one to take an insult, Tulisa hit back saying that Gary had "wine breath". In the days that followed, it was revealed that Nicole Scherzinger made Gary go and apologise to Tulisa...

She was tipped as a possible winner of the show, but we were all in for a shock when Ella Henderson found herself out of the competition against fellow talented singer James Arthur. The judges couldn't believe what they were seeing and neither could the audience!

He was the wildcard act that was chosen by the public to enter the competition as a fully fledged finalist.

Since then, talented crooner Christopher Maloney has successfully made his way through the competition but it has been tough for the finalist who has had to battle with boos from the audience and death threats.

The X Factor final will be taking place on ITV1 this weekend. Will you be watching?

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