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Jessica Biel Reveals Christmas Plans With New Husband Justin Timberlake

The actress says they will be with their family

Jessica Biel Reveals Christmas Plans With New Husband Justin Timberlake
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Jessica Biel will be spending her first Christmas with Justin Timberlake as husband and wife this month.

But don’t go taking their wedding festivities as an indication of what wonderful things they have planned.

The 30-year-old says the event won’t be a big deal.

Speaking on Good Morning America, she said: "We're pretty much going to do the same thing that we do every year: hang out with our family and just be mellow."

The actress – who is currently promoting her film ‘Playing for Keeps’ - opened up about what life has been like since she married the singer and actor at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Fasano, Italy, in October.

She said: "It's funny. It feels like nothing's changed and yet everything's changed. It's kind of that intangible thing you can't quite put your finger on. But I like the idea of having a partner in crime. I guess the word 'husband' is pretty amazing. It's so fun to say, 'This is my husband!'"

Last month, Jessica revealed that as a child, she would mutilate her Barbie dolls by "pulling their heads off, cutting off all their hair, dyeing them with markers and sticking them on the Christmas tree lights.They'd light up like these demonic heads."

Now she says: "I'm using the old ones that I mutilated a long time ago. They're all still in the box. My family has kept them all these years. And it's now just this silly thing that we do."

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