By Francesca Menato On December 3, 2012

Katy Perry Admits She's Had A Hard Year: 'I'm Glad I'm Still Alive'

Dealing with her divorce and the strain of touring has made it a very tough year for the singer

Katy Perry has claimed she's releaved to have got through the past year with her sanity in tact, and credits her family and friends with getting her through her devastating divorce.

Katy, who split from Brand last December after just 14 months of marriage, admitted as she picked up her Woman Of The Year award that it's been a hard 27th year.

Billboard quoted the 'Wide Awake' singer as saying, "I'm glad I'm still alive, 27 has been a very testing year!"

"You just have to always keep one foot out and be aware of all the people you're putting around you, their intentions and motives.”

This is one of the reasons why Perry has depended the most on her sister and friends she's known for years. "I love my family and my sister is a ball-buster, she's my warden. She and my best friend Shannon are why I have lived through this year, it's been a bit of an oestrogen fest with me."

The 'Firework' singer's choice to surround herself with women may have something to do with her struggle to come to terms with the collapse of her marriage to notorious womaniser Russell Brand.

She went on: "I keep a lot of females around me, but I love that.”

When briefly opening up about the split, back in June, she told The Hollywood Reporter, "Nobody knows what really happened except the two people who are in it."

But it was clear that the star was struggling with the break-up.

Katy with her new man John Mayer (SplashNews)

Since the end of her worldwide tour and the release of her biopic film 'Part Of Me' in the same year, Katy said she's looking forward to this “in-between time” in which she can focus on her song writing and no doubt heal from the events of the past year.

Speaking of her writing she said, “it's still about coming from a very honest place to reconnect with my core."

Let's hope John Mayer doesn't make 28 a tricky year too!

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