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By Deepika Rajani On November 29, 2012

WATCH: CeCe Frey Leaving X Factor USA Tonight? Simon Cowell Warns Finalist: 'Pack A Suitcase'

The finalist failed to impress the judge with her performance last night

WATCH: CeCe Frey Leaving X Factor USA Tonight? Simon Cowell Warns Finalist: 'Pack A Suitcase'
Photo: Splash News

Last night saw the remaining eight finalists take to the X Factor USA stage to try once again to impress the judges.

Whilst there were acts who got the seal of approval from all four of the judges, finalist CeCe Frey failed to impress head honcho Simon Cowell who warned the finalist who performed Christina Aguilera's 'Lady Marmalade' that she should prepare to leave the competition when the results of the votes are announced.

The media mogul told the finalist: "No one can say you're not a trier. The problem I have with that performance was that I felt like I'd eaten 62 portions of cake. In other words, I wanted a little slice and you gave me way too much.

"There was way too much going on, way too distracting and I don't think that is going to endear you to the public at home. My advice to you tonight is pack a suitcase."

Having already clashed with Simon, CeCe's mentor Demi Lovato hit back: "CeCe I saw that fire inside of your eyes that I saw at the beginning and I just think you came out swinging. I'm so proud of you."

"Anyone who says it's too much is obviously older than..." Demi said before looking at Simon and adding: "I'm not going to say."

Check out a clip of CeCe's performance!

What did you think of CeCe's performance last night? Do you think she'll be going home tonight?

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