By Kayleigh Dray On November 28, 2012

'Two And A Half Men' Star On Angus T. Jones Rant: 'Oh PLEASE!'

'Two And A Half Men' actress laughs off Angus T. Jones' claims that the show is 'filth'...

Angus T. Jones may have apologised for his recent rant about the "filth" broadcast in his hit US show Two And A Half Men, but he is still under public scrutiny  due to his sudden very public slamming of the show he has held a starring role on for years.

But actress Holland Taylor, who plays his grandmother in the show, explained to that she still very much admires the young actor - although she admitted she has no idea what he was experiencing right now.

"Angus is a very lovely young man... he was a lovely child and he is a lovely man. [But] I have not seen him for many months."

"I admire all the people involved with my show, and I admire Angus particularly. I don't know what he's experiencing now."

However, when asked if she agreed with his comment about the show beign utter "filth", the actress could barely contain her disdain, emitting a short bark of laughter and an "oh PLEASE!"

Holland Taylor joins the likes of Angus' Two And A Half Men co-stars Charlie Sheen and Miley Cyrus in speaking out about the young actor's recent personal difficulties.

It remains unclear as to whether or not Angus T Jones will return to Two And A Half Men for another series.

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