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A Drink With Kate Middleton? Jeremy Irvine Reveals Royal Invitation

Hitting the booze at Buckingham Palace

Gorgeous Great Expectations star Jeremy Irvine must get plenty of invitations for drinks - but he admitted that he was a little taken aback when he got asked for a bevy at Buckingham Palace!

The actor told Marie Claire magazine that there were some very special guests at the 'War Horse' premiere - and he got given the Royal summons. Jeremy was invited back to the Palace for a few celebratory drinks.

"It was amazing, but I couldn't appreciate it," he said. "I had five minutes when they asked 'would you like to come back for a drink?' and I was like 'What do I do?' I just grabbed my Grandma. And now I can say 'I got to take my grandma to Buckingham Palace for a drink.'It's so nice to be able to do stuff like that."

We're sure Kate, William and co loved Granny Irvine - and we can't help but be impressed that Jeremy is such a good grandson. Would you have thought so fast in his shoes? Who would you bring along to drinks with K Middy? Let us know!

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