By Shaun Kitchener On November 22, 2012

Madonna 'Gay Propaganda' Lawsuit Binned By Russian Court

She was accused of inflicting 'psychological trauma' on St Petersburg

A Russian court has thrown out a case against Madonna, after the pop icon was accused of violating a St Petersburg law banning "homosexual propaganda".

The court ruled that there was no evidence she had inflicted any "psychological trauma", according to Sky News.

The 54-year-old had siezed the opportunity at her August concert to urge her fans to support the gay community - a message the plaintiff interpreted as an attempt to make young people more interested in "filth" than "family building".

Nine conservative activists are seeking £6.5 million in damages, claiming in court papers: "A public, thoroughly planned performance affected the childbearing rates as after Madonna's words Russia's youth will be more interested in filth than family building. The country is going to lose its defence capacity as a result."

Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseyev responded: "If two Madonna shows could affect Russia's childbearing rates and defence capacity so strongly, then these activists should organise 20 performances in support of the institution of family. The problem they are likely to encounter is the fact that no one would come to see their show."

Madge had further enraged protesters by handing out anti-homophobia wristbands, encouraging fans to "fight for the right to be free".

She did not attend the court hearing, at which it was ruled that there was not enough evidence to take the case any further.

In lighter news: Madonna does 'Gangnam Style'

Madonna and Psy perform Gangnam Style in NYC (Photo credit: Splash News)

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