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Britney Spears Reveals How She Came Up With Ideas For Music Videos

The singer also spoke about her favourite creations

Britney Spears Reveals How She Came Up With Ideas For Music Videos
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Britney Spears comes up with her own music video concepts.

The singer shared that Baby One More Time and Oops! ... I Did It Again are her two favourties of that she has been involved in. Her reason being that she believes the ideas are very appealing scenarios.

She told Perez Hilton: "My first video was Baby One More Time. I think I was 18 or 17 years old ... It was my idea to have the whole schoolgirl outfit and us being at school and having the dance numbers throughout it.

"Actually Oops! was one of my favourite videos. The whole concept was us being on the planet Mars, it's just a really out there concept which I thought would be really appealing to people."

The X Factor USA judge has learned to love the video making process over time and is conscious of the fact her fans love connecting with her through her creations.

The 30-year-old shared: "I think I understand the video process is really important for all of us as artists because it's our one and only chance to really, really connect with the fans on screen and for them to see us in our work."

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