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George Clooney And Russell Crowe Have Advert Showdown

After Crowe calls adverts "sacrilegious"...

George Clooney And Russell Crowe Have Advert Showdown
George Clooney has taken a swipe at Australian actor Russell Crowe who had previously slagged off the greying Clooney for appearing in TV adverts.

Crowe originally said: "I don't do ads for suits in Spain like George Clooney or cigarettes in Japan like Harrison (Ford)."

He went on to describe adverts as sacrilegious" and a "contradiction of the fucking social contract with your audience."

Well, it�s not as bad as punching hotel staff really is it?

Clooney retaliated by saying: "I don't like artists attacking artists. I have a problem with that.

"Russell picked a fight with me and I tried to make a joke out of it - but he came at me again."

He then admitted: Clooney admitted: "I've called people up to say, 'What the fuck is wrong with you?'"

Chill out George, have a Martini or sommit�
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