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New Revelations For Jimmy Savile With Allegations He 'Abused Schoolgirls In The Vestry Of A Catholic Cathedral'

It is a new low for the late disgraced star

New Revelations For Jimmy Savile With Allegations He 'Abused Schoolgirls In The Vestry Of A Catholic Cathedral'
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There have been more revelations in relation to Jimmy Savile sex abuse claims, with reports suggesting that Jimmy abused schoolgirls in the vestry of a Catholic cathedral, according to a new testimony.

In an appalling new low, the disgraced star is said to have lain in wait at a weekly Mass attended by girls aged between five and nine.

According to The Mirror, an ex-pupil of the school involved, who wishes to remain anonymous, says Jimmy – given a papal knighthood by the Pope in 1990 – was banned from the cathedral in his home city of Leeds over claims he molested girls there.

The woman alleges pupils at her nearby primary school, which is now closed, were told by teachers not to sit near Jimmy, who always arrived before them when they visited Leeds Cathedral in the 1960s. She says there were rumours at the time that the DJ, whose flat was nearby, abused a young girl in the vestry only yards from unsuspecting priests.

She told The Mirror “I remember it so very clearly. As we trooped in he would be waiting. He would turn and grin. We were told to sit away from him, because of talk he had taken a girl into the vestry. Despite that, teachers and priests let him stay.

“He was there every week. I remember him being shifty and grinning. I found him creepy. We’d all heard the rumours about him taking girls into the vestry.

“After a while, he was told he couldn’t stay. It makes me shudder I was so close to him.”

A spokesman for Leeds Cathedral told the paper: “There was a school which took children to the cathedral in the late 60s. But we have no record of any complaint made against Jimmy Savile nor any record of him being banned. Having said that, it is a long time ago. We urge anyone with information to contact the police.”

An ITV show will be aired on Wednesday November 21 on how Jimmy Savile became “untouchable” at the BBC.


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