By Mark Worgan On November 16, 2012

'Liz & Dick' Star Grant Bowler: Lindsay Lohan's Past Makes Her The Perfect Elizabeth Taylor

Star says he understands the attraction between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

Lindsay Lohan may be taking the troubled star act to worrying extremes at the moment, but 'Liz & Dick' co-star Grant Bowler apparently thinks that she may have found the perfect role as Elizabeth Taylor.

Bowler plays Richard Burton in the drama, opposite Lohan's Taylor, and thinks that the pair are perfectly matched as Burton and Taylor as they have similar pasts to their characters.

Bowler told Confidential:  “I actually think we had very different work methodologies,” adding: “My father was a tradesman, so I come at acting from a workman’s point of view. It’s my trade.” 

He continued to say that he saw acting as like a tradesman's job, adding: “I do my work, I do my research, I put in as many hours as I can, it’s a paradigm of labour, if you like.”

Apparently Lohan sees things as less of a hard slog, as the actor said:  “For Lindsay. I imagine, and I can only imagine … because she grew up on sets and did her homework on set and fell asleep watching TV waiting to go on set, it’s a much more instinctive process. It’s much more natural to be in the trailer or on set than anywhere else.”

However instead of criticisng Li-Lo for being a lazy entitled so-and-so, the actor sees their differing approaches as perfect, due to their similarities to their characters' background.

Burton grew up the son of a Welsh coal miner, while Taylor enjoyed a glamourous transatlantic lifestyle as a child star who moved from Britain to Hollywood while very young.

The actor continued: “If you come from a small place where people are conservative and live within their boundaries, there’s that thing of, ‘Don’t live above yourself, don’t get too big for your boots, don’t ask for too much, don’t be a showoff,’ ” adding: “I understand that. I also see a lot of the attraction between him and Taylor.”

Then he went on to talk, apparently about Taylor but zeroed in on the similarities with Lohan's background as a Hollywood child star, saying: “She’d been a star since she was a child and had none of those inhibitions. She must’ve seemed like a mythical creature to him. She didn’t care what people thought. She had absolutely no regard for other people’s opinions when they critiqued her.” 

Finally he said: “I know [Burton] must’ve been fascinated and frustrated with her — and her the same with him.”

Could life imitate art and love have blossommed on the set of 'Liz & Dick' as it did for the title characters on 'Cleopatra'? Somehow that seems a myth too far.

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