By Rebecca Merriman On November 16, 2012

Tom Cruise Alone And Away From Suri On What Would've Been Sixth Wedding Anniversary With Katie Holmes?

Actor hasn't seen his daughter since August, while Katie is said to be 'happy with her life' post split

Tom Cruise Alone And Away From Suri On What Would've Been Sixth Wedding Anniversary With Katie Holmes?
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Katie Holmes will spend, what would have been her sixth wedding anniversary, with her daughter Suri in New York, while ex-husband Tom Cruise will be in London - quite a change from last year when the family went ice-skating together, but according to sources the Dawson's Creek star is “happy with her new life”.

The 33 year-old filed for divorce in June this year after five years of marriage, with Cruise reportedly “blindsided” by the break up just a few days before his 50th birthday. Since then Katie's made a huge effort to change her and daughter Suri's life, enrolling her in a school for the first time, Avenues in Chelsea, taking her on public transport rather than private jets and treating her like a “normal” child rather than an A list offspring.

It seems the decision to split has paid off as well, as a source close to the star told the New York Daily News that as they approach the anniversary Katie is pretty happy.

“Last year they went ice-skating with Suri. Now Katie will be in New York, alone, while Tom is still away in London,” says the source, adding, “she is happy with her new life.”

Tom though is reportedly feeling the strain of being away from his six year-old daughter, now for nearly three months, as he shoots back to back movies in the UK. But he makes every effort to keep in touch with her, Skying her more than once a day according to the insider.

Katie recently went back to work, staring in Broadway production 'Dead Accounts' speaking of the role she admitted getting back on the boards was daunting.

"I have a hard time sleeping because I think about how serious this all is," she told the New York Times.

"I think to myself: 'You better do a good job. People are paying a lot of money.' You want to know your stuff."

We hope Tom gets to see Suri soon.

Tom spends quality time with Suri

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