By Mark Worgan On November 14, 2012

'Skyfall' Becomes Hits $100m Ahead Of 'Twilight' Battle

007 readies himself to take on the vamps

James Bond is wowing US audiences in 'Skyfall', breaking the $100 million barrier less than a week after its release.

It's only taken the new movie, starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem four days to reach the milestone as the figures are up until Monday. 

According to Rentrak, Sam Mendes' 'Skyfall' grossed $11.3 million on Monday, landing on top of a record breaking weekend that saw the movie push $90m, taking its box-officetotal to $101.9m

Yet the movie faces a difficult battle to keep the top spot, as 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' opens this weekend, and it's likely that the final installment of the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fronted films will beat it to top spot.

007 will hope to still do brisk business in the States though, after all the movies do aim at different audience, with teenage boys perhaps more likely to plump for 'Skyfall' and girls more inclined towards the finale of the vamp series.

In Bond's native land the 23rd spy movie is the fifth biggest movie of all time, taking £72m in UK cinemas alone, it is just behind Avatar (£94m), Titanic (£80m), Toy Story 3 (£73.8m) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (£73.1m) as the UK's top grossing film of all time, and just as in the US will hope to hold off the threat of 'Twilight' just enough to bump its way up to be closer to 'Titanic'.

PHOTOS: Stills from 'Skyfall'

%uFFFDStills and behind the scenes of James Bond in 'Skyfall' (Photo: Sony Pictures)

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