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Mila Kunis Turns Her Hand To Producing

The actress is returning to the 70's

Mila Kunis Turns Her Hand To Producing
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Mila Kunis is moving up the ranks and behind the camera as she is set to become executive producer of Meridian Hills.

Having been on That 70's Show for many years, the actress may feel at home diving straight back into that era as the CW network series is set in the 1970's.

"(Set in a) boozy, midwest country club in 1972, during an era when the Equal Rights Amendment was just beginning ... a young, newly married woman who joins the Junior League and discovers an eclectic group of other young women who become unlikely allies in her quest to change the system," summarised the Hollywood Reporter.

Having just been named Esquire's sexiest woman alive last month, it seems Mila will be using her power for good, not evil, as she partakes in this feminine-themed show.

Such a move reflects Mila's creativity and willingness to take risks as the 29-year-old will aim to bring back the vivid memories of women burning their bras in protest to sexism.

Mila Kunis gets soaked on set

 Mila Kunis and Robin Williams got soaked on the set of 'The Angriest Man In Brooklyn' (Photo: WENN)

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