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INTERVIEW: Scouting For Girls Talk Working With One Direction, Stripping For A No.1 & More!

Entertainmentwise sit down with the 'Elvis Ain't Dead' hitmakers...

After a brief hiatus from the music biz, Scouting For Girls are back with a hot new single 'Without You.'

Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Pete Ellard sat down for an interview with Entertainmentwise recently to discuss what they've been up to in the last year, their naked surprise if their single tops the charts and how Roy came to pen a song for One Direction.

Speaking about their new single, Roy told us: "It was the first song we wrote for this album, after 'This Ain't A Love Song' and we wanted to carry on down that emotive, pop, sort of route."

Of course, the lads are hoping to bag the number one spot this weekend, and promised us they would perform in just their underwear if 'Without You' tops the charts. Pete seemed well up for the dare and even said he would do it completely in the buff.

"Yeah I'll do it, I'll do it naked," he said.

We're holding you to that guys!

Scouting For Girls have promised to perform in their underwear if 'Without You' goes to number one (

Meanwhile, Roy confirmed that he has worked with the hottest boyband around, One Direction, penning a track for them.

"I've written a track for One Direction, I saw them on X Factor and I just knew right from the start they're gonna be massive," Roy said.

"[They're] really nice to work with. Reasonably professional," he joked.

"They're 18, 19 year-old lads mucking about a bit. I think they take it seriously but they're a laugh to be around."

Scouting For Girls' new single 'Without You' is out now.

Check out our full chat with the lads here!

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